Webinar: Screening in drug discovery best practices: past, present, and future

The initiation of a small molecule drug discovery project invariably involves the identification of potential small-molecule start points from which we must develop novel advanced proprietary compounds that are safe, stable, and active in vivo. The road to these drug candidates is paved with challenges so how can we best navigate hit finding to ensure that we prepare for entry to lead optimization by identifying better hits, more rapidly? How might this provide impact on reduced attrition and more efficiently lead to superior drug candidates?
This webinar is moderated by Tom Coulter (Integrated Drug Discovery Director) and is delivered by Rob Young (Blue Burgundy and ex-GSK), Tomasz Fraczek (Senior Scientist, Selvita), and Mateusz Biernacki (Head of HTS, Selvita).

The webinar will:

  • Incorporate discussion of the background to HTS and other popular screening approaches.
  • Visit current thinking on hit identification.
  • Then consider future technological opportunities and working practices which together will enhance the process of finding high quality hits and leads.

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