Customized recombinant protein production

Our goal is to provide complete, innovative and cost-effective solutions for production of highly pure and biologically active recombinant proteins.

We offer production of recombinant proteins in E. coli and insect cells expression systems according to following plan:

Design of genetic constructs, expression system, intra or extracellular production of target proteins, choice of fusion tags

Expression tests, determination of the optimal cultivation conditions for maximized production of recombinant proteins (various strains and cell lines, times and temperatures of growth, MOIs and inducer conc.)

Optimization of the purification process with set of methods (AC, SEC, IEX, etc.) to purify target proteins to exceed 90%

  • SQC – Standard Quality Control, Purity and homogeneity of the sample assessed by SDS-PAGE analysis; Oligomeric state and the formation of aggregates analyzed by the Native-PAGE or LC-SEC; The protein concentration determined using Bradford method and/or spectrophotometrically; Identity of the produced protein is determined by the N-terminal sequencing