Biochemical and biophysical analyses of proteins

Selvita offers a broad spectrum of electrophoretic (e.g. SDS-PAGE, Native-PAGE, WB) and chromatographic analyses (e.g. FPLC, HPLC, IEX, RP, SEC).

Amino acid analysis

By the standard method, described by European Pharmacopeia 7.0 (METHOD 1 for protein hydrolysis and METHOD 11 for amino acids analysis) 16 proteinaceous amino acids are routinely analyzed (Asx, Glx, Ser, Gly, His, Arg, Thr, Ala, Pro, Tyr, Val, Met, Ile, Leu, Phe, Lys). Trp nor Cys are not determined and asparagine and aspartic acid as well and glutamine and glutamic acid are determined as sum, Asx or Glx, respectively.

Sequencing of proteins and peptides

The amino acid sequence analysis offered by Selvita is performed by chemical sequencing (Edman degradation) or by MS method (peptide mapping and LC-ESI MS/MS sequencing). Determination of amino acid sequence of the entire protein by chemical sequencing is more reliable than MS method, however due to the relatively high cost and time requirements, this analysis is limited to proteins composed of close to 300 aa. For larger proteins the MS sequencing method is generally recommended.