Process Research

Process chemistry can be considered as a bridge connecting small, laboratory scale with chemical industry (pharmaceutical, agrochemical, petroleum, etc). As the major role of process chemists is a taking of synthesis from milligram to the manufacturing scale.

Typical projects refer to:

  • Development of synthetic routes suitable for large-scale use

  • Troubleshooting and improving of existing process

  • Identifying of acceptable ranges for all operational aspects

  • Consulting of the safety issues

Well established chemical process is characterized by cost-effectiveness, low environmental impact and efficiency however major motto of our activities is safety first. Selvita supplies a unique blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge leading to successful solutions on area of process research and development.

As an integrated part of the researches Selvita offers analytical support necessary for both production and product registration aspects (impurity identification, isolation and synthesis, impurities profile etc.).

Feasibility studies /Route scouting & development

Deep literature and patent studies commence early stage of process development. Broad access to world-class chemical databases and journals combined with the experience and creativity of Selvita’s chemists serve an unique opportunity of developing completely new and modern approaches.

The ideas are being verified by bench chemists and resulting outcomes become the basis for more advanced stage of development.

Process optimization, parametrization and scale-up

Optimization allows to balance three major points of manufacturing by yield, costs and steps number adjusting.

More detailed studies lead to parametrization which indicate the optimal range of particular parameters having strong influence on both process and final product characterization (temperature, concentration, pressure, drying method, etc.).

Technology transfer

Technology transfer is a coronation of all aspects of process development. Our chemists are experienced in transferring of knowledge and methods of manufacturing from Selvita’s laboratory to industry.

Client will receive detailed documentation including process description, analytical methods, reports on impurities, safety issues discussion.

Laboratory scale custom synthesis of APIs and NCEs

Selvita offers preparation of active substances for pharmaceutical (both API and NCE) and agrochemical research (AI) on mg- up to kg-scale. Furthermore, our service is specializing in synthesis of key intermediates, building blocks (including chiral moieties) and any other molecules of various applications.