Industrial chemistry

Our offer for the chemical industry

Selvita is an experienced partner in the implementation of R&D and IT projects for the chemical and agrochemical sector. Our clients include Polish companies and multinational corporations.

Being aware that the chemical industry is undergoing dynamic development under the influence of global competition and constantly changing legal regulations, we endeavor to translate the knowledge, experience and creativity of our scientists into practical solutions that will meet the criteria of innovation and competitiveness. We are seeking ways to increase the competitiveness of products on the world market, primary by the following means:

  • decreasing the costs of introducing new products onto the market,

  • optimising technological processes,

  • complying with legal standards,

  • improving products in terms of their properties/specifications.

We approach each project individually and seek a tailored solution, simultaneously ensuring clear, commercial and application-driven criteria for the project’s success. Our strengths are flexibility, integrity, punctuality, and above all an innovative and multifaceted approach to a problem.

Our offer for the agrochemical industry

Selvita is a Polish R&D company, which has cooperated for years with national and international agrochemical companies in the following areas:

  • analytical services,

  • selected biological testing,

  • chemical synthesis related to:

    • preparation of known molecules,

    • development of alternative pathways of synthesis and their optimisation,

    • design of innovative molecules and methods of their preparation.

For companies that produce and register plant protection substances, we offer amongst others:

  • identification of impurities of active substances,

  • synthesis of impurity standards,

  • synthesis of metabolite standards,

  • genotoxicity testing (Ames tests, MLA and MNA) and phototoxicity assays under GLP,

  • selected physicochemical tests under GLP (including method development and validation).

Above all, our clients value the great expertise of our synthetic chemists, who attain 100% efficacy in identifying impurities at the pre-screening stage and enable the synthesis of compounds that are not commercially available.

The genotoxicity and phototoxicity tests, which are performed in-house in a GLP-certified laboratory and in accordance with OECD guidelines, attract a lot of interest due to the high quality of the tests, the manner of reporting as well as favourable prices and delivery times.


Our experience

Selvita employees have gained experience in the chemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries in areas related to production, quality control as well as research and development.

The Team’s skill set includes conducting a wide range of chemical reactions, including some difficult ones, run under anhydrous and anaerobic conditions, using hydrogen gas, metalloorganic/dangerous reagents, as well as reactions such as Friedel–Crafts alkylation, Suzuki, Mitsunobu, Mannich, Negishi, Corey-Chaykovsky and Curtius reactions, to name just a few. We have extensive experience in optimisation and scaling of processes and technologies, as well as solving complex technological and analytical problems.

Selvita employees are also familiar with various aspects of the petrochemical and agrochemical industries and heavy organic synthesis, including amongst others:

  • plasticisers

  • solvents

  • plastics

  • fuel composition

  • biosynthesis

Projects implemented

Case studies

Our strengths

We strive to build long-term relationships, which are based on mutual trust with our clients. We are:

Competent: we provide a team of synthetic chemists, analysts and biologists with experience in implementing agrochemical projects.

Flexible: we adapt to clients’ needs and offer an optimal solution.

Effective: we have the highest respect for our clients’ time and money.

Creative: we use our own ideas, knowledge and experience to solve our clients’ problems.

Communicative: we care about good communication, provide regular information about the progress of work and report the results.

Reliable: since 2008, we have been implementing projects for national and international companies, cooperating with both small and medium-sized companies and with multinational corporations.