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Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry is an interdisciplinary science which plays a crucial role in the drug discovery process. In medicinal chemistry we follow a highly data-and-hypothesis driven path making meaningful molecules whilst also using productive synthetic routes to bring benefit both from efficiency and from serendipitous discoveries.

We are skilled at multi-parameter optimisation based on the analysis of biological, structural and physicochemical data. We use these expanding data sets from ADME assessments, computer-aided drug design, structural biology, in vitro and in vivo biological testing, and disease models to refine our thinking and to influence the design of new iterations of molecules. In addition, the effectiveness with which the projects are executed is very dependent on the quality of the infrastructure but even more by the quality and passion of our people.

We benefit from close interactions with colleagues in the associated scientific disciplines and execute our work together under one roof in our drug discovery facilities in Krakow. Our skill in chemistry is built on years of diverse experience in small molecule synthesis and incorporates strengths in the efficient preparation of compounds across multiple chemotypes including heterocyclic synthesis, macrocyclics, peptidic molecules, steroids and nucleosides, and beyond. Our strong asset is “out-of-box” thinking and application of the latest techniques like flow-, electro- and photochemistry where classical methods reached their boundaries.

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