Analytical services for pharma

Selvita Analytical Laboratory offers a very wide range of support for the pharmaceutical industry. Our top-class services are compliant with ICH guidelines, as well as with EMA and FDA regulations. The range of our services in the field of pharmaceutical analyses and quality control includes:

  • Development, validation, verification and transfer of analytical methods (HPLC, UPLC, MS, GC, dissolution, ICP, AAS)

  • Analytical support in the range of CMC project

  • ICH stability studies

  • Evaluation of API suppliers

  • Cleaning validation

  • Evaluation of pharmaceutical availability

  • Impurity profile determination and identification

  • Quality control and batch release testing of pharmaceutical and veterinarian products

  • Analytical support of preformulation and formulation development

  • Genotoxicity studies

  • Analytical assays required for clinical trials

  • Drug registration dossier