In the face of the current COVID-19 global pandemic Selvita remain open and fully active in our laboratory operations, with all necessary precautions in place to protect our staff.

Our experience in relevant drug discovery space includes utilization of chemical matter from heterocycles to macrocycles to nucleosides and our team is experienced in delivery of hits, leads and candidates in areas of antiviral drug discovery spanning targets such as proteases, helicases, polymerases and antiviral strategies including block of viral fusion, entry and maturation.

Selvita has also experience and capabilities to produce, purify, crystalize and solve structures of proteins that are crucial for drug discovery. We routinely produce proteins in bacterial, insect and mammalian cells and previously have produced various viral proteins. For example, the high quality capsid glycoproteins and capsid protein complexes were delivered to our customers and were used in series of downstream applications including the development of vaccines. We are scientifically and technologically ready to produce, crystallize and analyze structurally the full length or domains of the proteins related to COVID-19 coronavirus,  which may include the spike (S) protein (PDB – 6CRV) and envelope (E) protein (PDB – 5X29).

We are therefore well-placed to provide our support to current and future antiviral drug discovery activities using our strengths in medicinal chemistry, structural biology, computational chemistry and biological screening. 

We are available to discuss your goals, project needs and to propose how we can together combat current and future global pandemic risks.
Contact us at: [email protected].