Krakow, Poland – 10 May 2017 – Selvita (WSE:SLV), one of the largest drug discovery companies in Europe, has opened a new research site in Poznan, Poland. The new site is located in the Wielkopolska Centre of Advanced Technologies and the initial laboratory space which Selvita occupies amounts to 5 400 sq. feet, which constitutes nearly 20% increase in Selvita laboratory space compared to the current state, with significant extension possibilities.

Selvita plans to employ up to 50 researchers in the first months of Poznan site operations, and successively increase both the employment, as well as research space.

The headquarters of Selvita are located in Krakow, where the company has almost 35 000 sq. feet of research space and over 390 employees. Poznan facility is the first Selvita research site outside Krakow and it constitutes “the second lung of Selvita”, providing both contract services, as well as actively participating in internal R&D projects.

While looking for an alternative research site location we considered several options. In the end, we chose Poznan due to both its immense scientific potential, as a leading and prestigious academic center, as well as due to very good research infrastructure offered by the Wielkopolska Centre for Advanced Technologies – says Miroslawa Zydron, Director of Contract Chemistry and Member of the Management Board at Selvita. The basis of the Poznan team is built by scientists from Poznan who previously spend several months or even years in Krakow site. On top of that we’ve been recruiting best local candidates for the past several months, training them and introducing into Selvita at Krakow, allowing to get the grasp of corporate and work culture before they start work in Poznan.

Opening of the second Selvita research site comes, as a result of Selvita increasing scale of business, which has seen the revenues rise on average 50% on a yearly basis, exceeding PLN 66 M in 2016.

In 2015, Selvita has opened its foreign sales offices in the major biotechnology regions such as Cambridge, UK, as well as Cambridge, MA and San Francisco Bay Area, in the US.

Current year 2017, constitutes a breakthrough year for the company with the first Selvita medicinal product, SEL24, entering phase I/II clinical trial in AML patients in the US, as well a global license agreement between Selvita and Menarini Group for the further development and commercialization of SEL24.