Corporate and leadership changes, along with the purchase of a plot of land for further organic growth, as a starting point for new development strategy.

Krakow, February 1, 2022 – Selvita (WSE: SLV) – one of the largest preclinical contract research organizations in Europe, announced today changes to its leadership and organizational structure, aiming to support the Company’s further growth and strengthen its position on the global market. At the same time, Selvita informs about signing a preliminary contract to purchase another plot of land to expand its own laboratory space and secure further organic growth in Krakow, Poland.

Selvita lays the foundations for Group’s further development through integration of services in the drug discovery area, integration of business development activities, and creation of a department supporting the management of operations and investments.

Integration of the drug discovery area as a starting point for new development strategy

The integrated departments providing drug discovery services, operating in Krakow, Poznan, and Zagreb, will be led by Dr. Adrijana Vinter, who takes on a role of the Global Head of Drug Discovery and joins Selvita Management Board. Prior to that, for the past four years, Dr. Vinter has held the position of Managing Director at Fidelta. As a result of this integration, taking advantage of Fidelta’s experience and competences in creating value in areas, such as inflammation, fibrosis, and anti-infectives, Selvita Group intends to develop capabilities in subsequent therapeutic areas, increase revenues through expansion of the scale of operations and provide clients with an increasingly comprehensive services offer.

“I am delighted to welcome Dr. Adrijana Vinter to Selvita Management Board. Dr. Vinter brings in valuable experience in building value for the clients gained while managing Fidelta. These competences will help us continue development of Selvita’s offer and fully explore the potential of the Group in drug discovery,”- comments Boguslaw Sieczkowski, CEO at Selvita.

Business development and sales integration as the key to strengthening market position

The Company intends to also integrate its business development and sales activities. Dr. Milosz Gruca, who will assume the position of Chief Commercial Officer, Executive Vice President, will be managing teams responsible for the development and sales of the integrated Selvita and Fidelta services offer in the area of drug discovery and development. This integration and last year’s strengthening of the business development team, will help Selvita build a strong position among global CRO companies, especially in the North American and British markets, the largest ones for research outsourcing.

“For several years now, Dr. Milosz Gruca has been successfully managing business development and sales of Selvita’s services, e.g. in the U.S. and U.K. I am sure that Dr. Gruca will be equally successful in building our integrated services offer and managing global business development efforts. I firmly believe that thanks to these changes, we will become a strategic partner of choice for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies,”- adds Sieczkowski.

Continued organic growth

Moreover, Selvita plans to continue its dynamic organic growth, and access to further research space will be a crucial factor in it. The Company has already made the first step in that direction by signing a preliminary contract to purchase another plot of land in the neighborhood of Selvita’s new research centre currently under construction. Ultimately, the Company will create new workplaces for about 1000 scientists and specialists at its new research center in Krakow, Poland.

Growing Group’s scale of operations and its further development plans have led to creation of the Chief Operating Officer function, assumed by Dr. Miroslawa Zydron, the current Chemistry Department Director. Dr. Zydron will be responsible for the Group’s operational activities, investments, and infrastructure management.

“To become an industry leader, we need to not only continuously expand our services portfolio but also gradually scale up our existing operations. For this purpose, we have created a unit responsible for operational activities. I am very glad that Dr. Miroslawa Zydron, who has built the largest department in Selvita, will be managing this new division. Her strong management experience will help us maintain the growth dynamic and effectively manage Group’s growing business scale.

We have no intention of slowing down, and we want to continue intensive development in the coming years. There are many new challenges ahead of us, however, I am certain that together we can achieve ambitious goals we set for ourselves, creating the best quality services for our clients, building the Company’s market value for our shareholders, and at the same time becoming a better employer for our scientists and specialists,”- sums up Boguslaw Sieczkowski.

The organizational and leadership changes mark the beginning of building a new development strategy for the Selvita Group, on which the reinforced management team will work in the first quarter of this year.