Krakow, Poland – March 04, 2021 – Selvita S.A. [ticker: WSE: SLV] – one of the largest preclinical contract research organizations in Europe, as a result of the quarterly indexs’ revision on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), will now be a component of the mWIG40 index. The mWIG40 index is a price-weighted index which gathers 40 mid-cap companies listed on the WSE. Companies for the mWIG40 index are selected on the basis of the same ranking as for the WIG20, as 40 companies which follow the top 20 companies classified for the WIG20.

Selvita will be formally included in the mWIG40 index following the trading session on March 19, 2021. Until that time, the Company was included in the sWIG 80 index.

Selvita is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE:SLV) since October 16, 2019, after the corporate split and separation of the services segment from Ryvu Therapeutics. In June 2020, the Company successfully completed the PLN 90.6M follow-on share issue to implement the strategy assumptions, i.e., the continuation of dynamic organic growth supported by acquisitions.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Selvita announced the acquisition of Fidelta, providing integrated drug discovery services. Selvita has acquired 100% of the outstanding shares in Fidelta for an enterprise value of over PLN 140M in January 2021.

Currently, Selvita’s market capitalization has exceeded PLN 1 billion.