Krakow, Poland – February 9, 2021 – Selvita has the pleasure to inform that it has launched its new cell-based phenotypic assay platform for drug discovery. The platform will be used to test new compounds with therapeutic potential in multiple areas, including neuroinflammatory and fibrotic diseases, as well as other, addressing specific limitations of existing therapeutic approaches. The Platform will allow Selvita to complement its integrated drug discovery portfolio of services with a new, powerful method to discover and develop new medicines in a fast and effective manner.

The brand new high-content imaging system (Operetta CLS with robotic plate-handler, Perkin Elmer) integrated with artificial intelligence analytical approaches, will be used now in the drug discovery projects as secondary screening (e.g., compounds profiling and characterization in phenotypic in vitro assays using physiological cell systems), as well as in order to perform mechanism of action studies, in vitro proof-of-concept and any type of analyses concerning imagine-based phenotypic measurements.

The development of the Platform will strengthen Selvita’s technological offer aimed at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies aiming to accelerate their drug discovery efforts using AI. To learn more about the cell-based phenotypic assay platform, get in touch with Selvita’s Business Development Team at [email protected].