Shareholder structure

Current Selvita shareholder structure :

Share in capital 
Share in votes 
Paweł Przewięźlikowski  31%  42%
Bogusław Sieczkowski    6%    7%
Augebit FIZ*    8%    6%
Nationale Nederlanden PTE S.A.**    8%    7%
Remaining Management Board and Supervisory Board Members    6%    5%
Remaining Shareholders   41%   33%

*the beneficiary of Augebit FIZ is Tadeusz Wesołowski – Vice Chairman of Selvita Supervisory Board; information based on the number of shares from the last notification provided by the shareholder to the Company (without taking into account the dilution resulting from the issue of H shares)
**number of shares represented at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting on May 14, 2018