Kindly inform, that recruitment for Internships has been closed. Thanks to all candidates that applied. If you are a graduate, interested in regular position, please apply directly to the job offer, or via link:

The internship program at Selvita is dedicated to students who want to acquire their first valuable professional experience. Many Interns decide to return to Selvita after graduation and continue their further professional development here. This year internships are possible to acquire in departments such as Chemistry (organic and medical chemistry), Health & Safety or Quality Assurance.

Who do we look for?

Ambitious, passionate candidates who are ready to use their knowledge acquired during their studies into practice.

Due to the character of our business, it is essential for candidates to have an appropriate field of education.  For example, if you are applying to the chemistry department, it’s necessary to study in the field related to organic or medical chemistry.

An internship in Selvita is a time of intensive learning and onboarding.  After that, you receive the opportunity to challenge yourself in entrusted, individual tasks. That’s why your availability is important to us – you should have a period of minimum 3 months to complete the internship.

What do we offer?

  • A chance to gain practical work experience –  internship at Selvita is an adventure that guarantees a lot of practical challenges under the guidance of experienced mentors.
  • Paid internship with a regulated legal form (internship agreement) – we respect the effort and commitment of our interns, we appreciate their contribution to the team – we want them to feel like any other employee during the internship.
  • Flexible schedule – we know that you combine studies and internship, so we try to help you combine your duties.

What does the recruitment process look like?

If you apply to the Chemistry Department, after positive verification at the selection stage, the process looks as follows:

Stage I – an online test of organic chemistry knowledge

Stage II – recruitment meeting with representatives of the chemistry department

If you apply to the Health & Safety or Quality Assurance, after positive verification in the selection process, you can expect an invitation to a recruitment meeting.

Duration of internship

Internships begin in the spring and summer months (April – June)

University Intern Program

Do you have the opportunity to do an internship as part of the program offered by your university? Along with the application, send us information and the conditions of the employer’s participation in the program. We are open to cooperation with universities in the field of internships, under the condition, they cover a period of 3 months.

Are you finishing your master’s degree or doctoral studies and would like to take up a permanent job?

Apply today! Selvita is in a phase of constant growth and by the employment of graduates, gives them the opportunity to develop within the organization.

We offer the opportunity for development into both directions, specialistic and managerial, in departments such as: organic & medical chemistry, analytical chemistry, cell & molecular biology or biochemistry (production and purification of proteins).

If you are a graduate, please apply here