X-ray Crystallography

We offer crystallography services from protein production and crystallization to data collection
and structure determination, with streamlined protocols and guaranteed reproducibility.

State-of-the-art crystallography

  • Gryphon nano dispensing crystallization robot
  • Crystal imaging microscopes and cameras
  • Specialized tools for crystal handling

Multiple contracting
and reporting options

International team of highly skilled scientists with proven scientific record

  • Solved over 170 high-resolution structures
  • Delivered over 60 peer-reviewed

Access to crystallographic software
(XDS, CCP4) and high-speed
processing computers

Secured regular access to synchrotron measurements at top European facilities

  • Pre-scheduled access
  • On-demand access

Protein crystallography and high-resolution structure determination

Broad range of targets

  • Protein-protein
  • Protein-small molecule
  • Protein-peptide
  • Protein-nucleic acid
  • Various protein families

Over 1500 crystallization
conditions from commercial
crystallization screens

  • With possibility to obtain
    additional/custom screens

Various methods

  • Molecular Replacement
  • Experimental Phasing
    (metals, halogens,
    sulphur, SeMet)

Screening of 1600+ crystallization
conditions per day

  • Validation of published crystallization conditions
  • Identification of novel crystallization conditions
  • Diffraction tests

Multiple set-ups

  • Vapour diffusion: hanging/sitting drops
  • Drop sizes from 80 nL to 4 µL
  • Crystal seeding
  • Crystal soaking

Extensive hit

  • Grid screening
  • Multiple seeding approaches
  • High-quality reagents

Large-scale, high-quality protein production

Tailored recombinant

  • Custom construct design to
    maximize quality and propensity
    for crystallization
  • Multiple expression systems
    (bacterial, insect, mammalian cells)
  • SeMet incorporation
  • Co-expression and co-purification
    with small molecules

High homogeneity, purity
and stability of produced proteins

  • Confirmed by Standard Quality Control
  • Verified batch-to-batch consistency
  • Crystallization-grade quality

From tens to hundreds
of milligrams of purified protein

Structure-based drug design

Crystallography offers efficient way to screen both lead candidate molecules and larger libraries of potential hits
offering valuable information about place and mode of interaction.

Various complex preparation strategies

  • Co-crystallization
  • Development of soakable systems
  • Co-expression/co-purification
  • Robust structure determination

Integrated services

  • Close collaboration with Medicinal and Computational Chemistry, Biology, Biophysics
  • Biophysical, biochemical and enzymatic assays (e.g. DSF, ITC, SPR)
  • Evaluation of target protein structure

Hit-to-lead development, lead optimization

Fragment-based drug design

Our services are tailored to your needs

Understanding specific features
of your project

  • Overcoming bottle-necks in availability of your internal resources
  • Flexible entry and exit points
  • FTE and FFS collaboration models

Flexibility in deliverable and reporting formats

  • Detailed reporting
  • Option to transfer raw diffraction data

Standalone or combined services

Involvement in decision making

Integrated services:
support from other Selvita departments