Standard Quality Control

  • Purity by SDS-PAGE followed by CBB staining – densitometric analysis
  • Concentration determined spectrophotometrically using the calculated mass and extinction coefficient or A280 = 1 for 0.1% protein solution, alternatively Bradford, BCA or SDS-PAGE densitometric method
  • The homogeneity and oligomerization status assessed by the HPLC-SEC
  • Identity verified by N-terminal sequencing (Edman method) or LC-MS/MS analysis, Peptide mapping or intact mass
  • Overall quality/folding assessed by the nanoDSF or DSF (TSA)
  • Protein contamination with nucleic acids assessed by the ratio of A260/A280
  • Determination of purity by RP-HPLC, Activity/Sterility testing, Determination of endotoxins levels, Determination of biotinylation level