Integrated Drug Discovery

Integrated Drug Discovery

Having experience in both pharma and biotech R&D, we are well aware of what it means to discover a hit and transform it into a drug. You can best benefit from this “insider” experience through our integrated drug discovery services built upon:

  • Extensive experience in drug discovery from target validation to early preclinical development
  • Established track record of hit and lead identification, preclinical and clinical candidate delivery
  • Full range of in-house drug discovery capabilities including chemistry, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, ADME, protein production and structural biology, including X-ray crystallography, computational chemistry, pharmacokinetics and toxicology
  • Therapeutic area expertise, primarily in inflammation, CNS disorders, infection, oncology, and fibrosis.
  • Medicinal chemistry and strong skills in organic synthesis to rapidly execute the design-synthesis-test cycles to quickly validate the hypotheses and produce the desired compounds
  • Increasing use of AI algorithms across all business areas with particular emphasis on chemistry and biology
  • Strong emphasis on translational science
  • Multidisciplinary teams of high-performing scientists
  • Experienced logistics team

Focusing on the patient and the disease

Always focused on the patient and the disease, we aim to use human primary cells and disease tissue samples while applying disease-relevant test models/systems in profiling potential drug candidates. Strong emphasis is placed on translational science and the early creation of translational strategies for smooth transition of candidate molecules into the clinic.

Importance of addressing key questions early

Prior to embarking on the creation of a screening cascade, we critically assess the true decision-making questions and define what will be the key differentiators of the drug candidate. The screening cascade that follows is designed to address these key points as early as possible. This accelerates the progression of your project, but also helps decrease later stage attrition and allows efforts to be concentrated where they are most needed. Additionally it focuses the minds of our medicinal chemists as they seek to deliver your candidate molecule in record time.

Our teams

We bring together the scientific vigour and energy of young researchers with the experience and deep knowledge of senior members of the Selvita/Fidelta team.  Blending excellent academic and industrial know-how, we provide optimal solutions for our customers’ integrated drug discovery programs. We are well versed in establishing cross-functional multidisciplinary project teams, encompassing the necessary expertise and optimal man power needed to deliver fully integrated drug discovery projects

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