In Vivo   Pharmacology

Numerous disease models and the experience built within the pharmaceutical industries, biotech and academia enable our highly professional in vivo pharmacology team to support diverse drug discovery projects, fully integrated with other preclinical disciplines.

We apply a comprehensive approach to primary and secondary pharmacodynamic profiling of the compounds to ensure generation of high-quality data relevant to human disease. Our in-depth expertise in translational biomarker selection and validation gives confidence in the transition of a candidate molecule into the clinic.

The core therapeutic areas of our expertise are:

Our portfolio also includes toxicology studies, pharmacokinetic studies, as well as tailor-made animal studies and model development on request.

Individual efficacy studies or tailored in vivo pharmacology packages can be provided to cover specific client needs. In support of the in vivo studies, a panel of automated clinical biochemistry, hematology and coagulation analyses, as well as histopathology services are available. Our fully equipped in vitro laboratories with a range of cell and molecular biology techniques are readily available to aid investigation of the compound efficacy. In addition, our bioanalytical platform can deliver high quality pharmacokinetic analysis of Your drug candidates.

In vivo experiments are performed in AAALAC-I accredited State-of-the-Art animal facility (BSL2) with competent and skilled veterinary doctors, veterinary technicians and hygiene personnel holding training certificates equivalent to FELASA, categories A to D.

We are constantly upgrading our animal facility and equipment in order to deliver in vivo studies that meet the latest research quality standards. Animal related research is based on the 3R principles ensuring animal welfare, humane and ethical use of animals in scientific research.

For further details on in vivo models available at Selvita, please contact us.



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