In Vitro   Pharmacology

The biology offering at Selvita covers all drug discovery purposes from target validation through to preclinical candidate selection. We provide a protein-to cell approach for the development of pharmacologically active compounds.

Our in vitro pharmacology activities commence from the customized production of recombinant proteins for use as screening proteins to probe compound interaction in a panel of biochemical and biophysical methods, also in a high-throughput screening mode. In parallel, using Selvita’s considerable internal experience of protein crystallization, protein structural analyses can be performed by X-ray. Using cell-based assays, we perform small molecule activity analysis using of a large repository of cells.

These cell-based assays can also be run in a high-throughput screening mode for hit finding. Close to two hundred recombinant cell lines are available for assay development, adaptable to many pathological areas. Selvita offers the custom production of recombinant cell lines expressing the protein target of interest. In addition, primary cells, for example from human (blood) or from rodent (CNS), are available upon request for assay development. Secondary screening for pharmacological evaluation of compound characteristics is part of our Integrated Drug Discovery expertise. Mode of action, biomarkers, target engagement studies are provided for hit characterization, and for lead finding and optimization.

Multiple readouts are available from classical fluorescence, interference (TR-FRET) or biochemical-based up to bioluminescence gene reporter assays or Alpha-Lisa technology, from medium throughput to HTS, and up to 1536 well plates depending on the scalability of the assays. In vivo evaluations can be arranged by Selvita during the lead optimisation and prior to preclinical development candidate selection. We analyse tissue samples, generate and interpret PK parameters or drug and biomarker concentration for pharmacodynamic studies in many disease areas such as cancer and CNS.

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