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Scaling up key molecules can revolutionize the way you do chemistry for the project. For example, with one key intermediate you can increase the chemist’s productivity multi-fold, consequently boosting the whole decision making process. And if speed is not the only thing you need, we can provide:

  • Synthesis of an advanced intermediate that will accelerate your process
  • Optimization of reaction conditions
  • Process development
  • Large scale synthesis of an advanced intermediate
  • Large scale synthesis of standards and building blocks
  • Larger compound quantities for in vivo studies
  • And any other request from milligram to multigram scale

The scale-up team is a group of well-educated and highly experienced organic chemists, medicinal chemists and chemical engineers that can offer solutions to your requirements in a quick and efficient manner.

Our non-GMP scale-up laboratory is equipped with:

  • Several Double-jacketed glass reactors (1-50L)
  • Hydrogenation autoclave (1-4 L)
  • 10 L and 20 L rotary evaporators
  • Mini-plant scale setup (6L jacketed reactor equipped with efficient stirrer, condenser and receivers) – ideally for reactions, work-up and crystallization
  • Drying chamber and vacuum dryer
  • Centrifuges (0.1 and 1 kg load)
  • Dozen highly precise and powerful thermostats.

We are able to perform various reactions within a wide temperature range (from -78 °C to 200 °C) and under different pressures (small scale to 100 bar, large scale to 10 bar).

The scale-up laboratory is well supported by the internal discovery analytical services, structural analysis, as well as the solid state characterization capabilities.

Our mission

The improvement of your synthetic route is our challenge – to maintain the product’s high quality, while making the route:

  • Cheaper – increase yields, shorten the reaction time, improve work-up
  • Greener – decrease waste generation, reduce number of solvents
  • Safer – compliant to the highest safety and environmental regulations
  • Reproducible and robust

By choosing Selvita’s scale-up team, you will ensure good protection of your intellectual property through our rigorous data integrity policy. After completing the task, each compound can be accompanied by either a detailed research report or Certificate of Analysis, both written in English.

Selected chemical transformations that we can perform on the scale:

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