Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

Chromatography and mass spectrometry

Quality of your product is essential. We understand that. Guaranteeing the quality requires a confident command of the latest methodologies in analytical chemistry.

We support our customers during the entire discovery process by offering:

  • Achiral purity assessment using liquid chromatography
  • Chiral purity assessment using liquid chromatography
  • UPLC / HPLC method development for new compound when existing method is not available
  • Transfer of available methods obtained from clients

  • MS and UV directed purifications
  • Isolation of impurities and degradation products by preparative HPLC, their structural analysis and synthesis
  • Fragmentation studies by MSn and accurate mass measurements
  • HPLC separation of:

    • Novel chemical entities (NCE)
    • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
    • Drug substances (DS)
    • Impurities and process related substances
    • Degradation products HT lipophilicity / HT solubility studies
    • Chromatographic hydrophobicity index (CHI)
    • Generic LC-DAD-MS platform for QC analysis

NMR spectroscopy

Technology is expensive. Instead of buying your own NMR spectrometer, you can take advantage of our cost effective, fully automated, non-stop, year round NMR spectra acquisition service. If you are in Europe, your samples can be in our magnets within 24 hours.

  • 1H, 13C, 31P NMR spectra Proton-proton (COSY, NOESY) correlations
  • Proton-heteronuclear (13C, 15N) correlations (HSQC, HMBC)
  • Variable temperature experiments (VT)
  • Raw data and automatically generated .pdf files provided through transmission via secure channel
  • Expert analysis and consultation

We apologise for being strict on your samples…

Quality and integrity of your product is something we take very seriously. Our job is to control the product now in order for you to save time in the future.

Discovery analytical chemistry instrumentation

All instrumentation is regularly maintained and validated.

Liquid chromatography

  • HPLC-DAD-MS instruments (Agilent 1100, Waters Alliance, Thermo)
  • UPLC-DAD-MS instruments (Waters Acquity, Shimadzu)
  • Preparative HPLC-DAD-MS instruments (Waters Mass Directed Autopurification, Agilent Automated LC/MS Purification System)
  • Preparative HPLC-DAD instruments (Shimadzu)

Gas chromatography

  • GC-MS instrument (Thermo, Shimadzu)

Mass spectrometry

  • Quadrupole Time of Flight MS detectors (Q-ToF MS) (Waters Q-ToF II and Agilent UHD 65400)
  • Ion trap MS detector (IT- MS) (Thermo)
  • Triple quadrupole MS detector (QQQ MS) (Waters)
  • Single quadrupole (SQD – Waters, ISQ EM ESI-APCI, Thermo)

NMR spectroscopy

  • Bruker Avance DPX300 NMR spectrometer
  • Bruker Avance AV400 NMR spectrometer
  • Bruker Avance DRX500 NMR spectrometer
  • Bruker Avance III 600 NMR spectrometer

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