Selvita offers broad range of integrated analytical testing solutions for small molecules. Our approach enables drug products to reach the global market in prompt and safe manner. We test commercial batches against the specification under strict cGMP compliance, confirmed by QP.

Our broad capabilities allow to test the product at one site, including characteristics, assays, identity, purity, safety, excipient analysis:

  • compendial testing (physicochemical properties)
  • chemical testing (identity, purity, assay, residual solvents, metals)
  •  microbiological testing (sterility, BET)

Our services quality has been repeatedly confirmed during the cGMP inspections, which prove that services provided by Selvita are performed according to the highest standards and relevant guidelines of pharmaceutical industry.

Our QC Laboratory constantly expands its capacity to release large volume of testing, in line with production schedules and in timely manner. Selvita is EU commercial testing laboratory for several big pharma companies operating worldwide.