of fluorinated compounds

Many modern small molecule drugs contain fluorine to improve their pharmacological properties. Consequently, fluorine could be found in 40% of all the drugs approved by FDA in 2019. To enable the synthesis of complex fluorinated compounds, new synthetic methods are needed. Such methods should make it possible to synthesize new, difficult to obtain fluorinated compounds having increasing level of complexity.

Selvita scientists have contributed to this area by discovering new mild fluorination protocols as well as new methods of trifluoromethylation (patent applications P.433251 and P.436698). These proprietary protocols add to the existing spectrum of fluorination methods and make it possible to expand the range of targeted structures. They also enable fine tuning the pharmacological properties of compounds thus bringing immediate benefit to drug discovery programs of our Clients.

Selvita offers some of the most advanced synthetic technologies available on the market:

  • Photoredox catalysis in a batch
  • Photoredox catalysis in flow
  • Conversion of difluoroalkenes into difluoroalcohols, ketones and amines containing a unique structural fragment, which may help secure IP for such compounds
  • Trifluoromethylation of heteroaromatic systems

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