Process Research

Process chemistry can be considered as a bridge connecting small, laboratory scale synthesis with industrial scale processes taking place in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, or petroleum, industries. Process chemists take the synthesis from the milligram scale to the manufacturing scale. This may involve several activities:

  • Finding and development of patentable, cost-effective synthetic routes suitable for large-scale use
  • Troubleshooting and improving of existing processes, particularly to reduce their environmental impact
  • Identifying acceptable ranges for all operational parameters
  • Consulting with regard to the safety issues

Selvita supplies a unique blend of practical knowledge and experience based on numerous success stories Feasibility studies /Route scouting & development Hunt for novel, patentable and cost-effective synthetic routes begins with exploring state of the art through literature and patent searches, which is made possible by our access to world-class chemical databases and online journals. This combined with the experience and creativity of Selvita’s chemists puts us in a unique position to meet our Clients’ expectations.

The generated ideas are examined by bench chemists and the successful routes move to an advanced stage of development. Process optimization, parameterization and scale-up Process optimization means finding a balance between yield, cost and the number of steps. Reaction yield often depends on a number of parameters such as temperature, pressure, dilution, reagent excess, reaction time, drying method, etc. Parameterization studies determine optimal ranges for all important variables, so that the best set of conditions can be selected for the further scale up studies.

Further support including in silico studies As part of an integrated service Selvita offers analytical support necessary for both technology transfer to production and product registration (impurity identification, isolation and synthesis, impurity profiling, etc.).

We can also generate in silico prediction of likely toxicity profile for a compound if needed for registration or regulatory purposes. Technology transfer Technology transfer is an ultimate step of process development at Selvita. Our chemists have experience with several successful transfers to industry. Some of these run now on thousands kilogram scale. During transfer the Client will receive detailed documentation including process description, analytical methods, reports on impurities, and safety issues discussion.

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