Your career at Selvita Group

Selvita is looking for people for whom career is an important component of life satisfaction. We face our employees with ambitious and challenging tasks, we require initiative and hard work. Working for Selvita Group creates not only an opportunity for a rapid career development, but also a large and constantly enforced responsibility for the results of your own work, as well as your team colleagues.

At Selvita we believe that the company is just as innovative, effective and reliable as its employees.
That is why we’re looking for ambitious, committed and passionate individuals who can join us to build Selvita’s further success.

We are  looking for resourceful scientists, managers and business development professionals, who work well in an international and multidisciplinary environment. We are searching for dynamic and flexible leaders who can think out of the box and inspire people around them.

We ask of you to be dedicated, meticulous and work under time pressure. And we give you a chance to leave your mark in this world.

Together with your colleagues you can discover and develop new drugs curing disorders which today are considered incurable.