Evolution is important. It makes things better, stronger and more adapted to the reality around us.  

A year ago Selvita has acquired Fidelta, a 200-people contract research organization with core scientific competences in inflammation, fibrosis, and anti-infectives. We have substantially expanded Selvita’s integrated drug discovery services offering and strengthened our position as one of the largest preclinical contract research organizations in Europe. This transaction has also almost doubled Selvita’s revenues. 

Undoubtfully, Selvita joining forces with Fidelta was a significant part of our evolution as a company. 

Now, we’re ready for another step, which is brand unification.  

From March 31, Selvita and Fidelta become one brand. Driven by a unifying purpose and common ambitions, guided by the same values and mission to offer a comprehensive scope of services bridging the gap between early drug discovery and the clinical stage of drug development, together as Selvita. 

The concept of evolution is crucial here. To highlight the importance of the progress and changes we are making through the brand unification, we’re launching a new corporate identity for Selvita.  

Our logo stays the same, because the core of what we do and the values that guide us, remain the same. But now, together, we’re better, we’re bolder and stronger. And we’re determined to make our mark. 

Say ‘HI!’ to the new Selvita.